Banna Sprays Pricing Policy


Effective Date: 17 Apr 2024


 1. Pricing Strategy

Banna Sprays adopts a **value-based pricing strategy** to ensure that our prices reflect the quality and diversity of our products. We aim to offer competitive rates that align with the value our products provide to customers in the graffiti, automotive, and wood polish sectors.


 2. Market Positioning

Our products are positioned to cater to both professional artists and DIY enthusiasts. We strive to provide options at various price points while ensuring high quality across our range.


 3. Discounts and Promotions

- **Seasonal Sales**: Seasonal discounts will be offered, particularly during major holidays and special events relevant to our customer base.

- **Bulk Purchases**: Discounts on bulk purchases are available and are calculated based on the quantity of product ordered.

- **Promotional Discounts**: From time to time, we may offer promotional discounts which will be announced on our website and through our email newsletters.


 4. Price Adjustments and Changes

Prices are subject to change due to market conditions, supplier costs, and other external factors. Price adjustments will be communicated to our customers through our website and email notifications at least 2 days before implementation.


 5. Price Matching Policies

Banna Sprays does not currently offer price matching. We believe our pricing reflects the high quality and uniqueness of our products.


 6. Geographical Pricing

While our primary market is India we also cater to international customers. Prices may vary based on the destination country due to shipping costs, tariffs, and other local factors.


 7. Legal Compliance

Our pricing practices comply with all applicable trade and retail regulations, ensuring transparency and fairness in our pricing structure.


 8. Currency and Payment Methods

We accept payments in INR through credit/debit cards, PayPal, and UPI. The final billing amount may vary based on the current exchange rate and payment method used.


 9. Transparency

All prices displayed on our website are inclusive of all taxes and fees. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on the delivery location and order size.


 10. Monitoring and Enforcement

Our pricing team regularly reviews market trends, production costs, and customer feedback to ensure our pricing policy remains appropriate and competitive.


 11. Communication

All staff are trained on our pricing policy to ensure accurate and consistent information is provided to customers. Queries regarding pricing can be directed to our customer support team at info@bannasprays.com


 12. Feedback and Adjustments

We value customer feedback regarding our pricing. Please direct any comments or concerns to info@bannasprays.com. We are committed to regularly reviewing our policy to ensure it meets the needs of our customers and our business objectives.



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