Sanding Sealer - Base coat for polish

Pre Stain sanding sealer to be used before spraying wood polish for optimum finish and clean absorption of the stain.

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Basecoat for Wood Polish

To be used on bare, unstained floors, doors, furniture, cabinets, and other wood articles prior to applying the wood polish. It is designed as a base coat that will dry quickly, seal the pores, and sand easily with fine sandpaper to create an ultra-smooth foundation


Banna range of Wood Polish Sprays offers you an easy way to polish wooden furniture on the regular without much hassle. Forget hard and nasty brush jobs that take up a lot of time. Obtain best premium looking finish in a matter of minutes all within the convenience of a spray can.


Banna Wood Polish is Quick & Easy to apply with the convenience of a spray can, our high-quality delivery mechanism ensures that the spray is even and does not drip. Its unique formula dries very quickly and leaves no residue.

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