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Assured Harder and Faster Dry. Quick layers and even quicker covers.

About Banna


Imagine a world where a single spray solved all your DIY problems. One spray drying harder and faster than anything you have ever used. Superior coverage on wood, masonry, plaster and rubber surfaces. The best colours on the planet assured. A superior UV protection along with Mold and mildew resistance.

But why stop there?

Spray more. Worry less. We’ve got you covered.

In easy-to-hold designed to spec Aerosol Spray Paint Bottles, Banna packages the solution to all your paint problems. No matter the surface, Banna sprays is up for the challenge. Whether its industrial maintenance, automobile spraying, we leverage our pioneering expertise in 2 decades of aerosol production and spray paint can production to deliver an-above-the-competition product.


Our patented high volume low pressure colour delivery system enables our paint to cover better, last longer and dry faster than other aerosol paints. This allows users to complete projects much quicker (3-5 minutes vs 6-12 hours).


Our aerosol cans are environmentally friendly. They are made from tin-free steel and coated on both sides with a polyester polymer removing carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%. ZERO CFCs.


Banna sprays come with a 12 months shelf life. Thanks to zero combination with other aerosol paints that crystallize when multiple brands are used together, Banna sprays are one-of-a-kind meaning a longer lasting coat of paint.

Hundreds Of Colors

Develop your own custom shade with us

Explore the variety of color shades and schemes for your work offered by the Banna Spray paints. We give you a choice of the right shade of paints that reflects the elegance and choices of your style. We have varied choices of color shades that can be customized to the specifications of the clients. All you have to do is ‘ask’.

Keep Rust at Bay

We offer you high performance coating paints specifically designed for application directly rusted or other metal surfaces to stop the seasonal rusting. Our products have effective anti-corrosive and rust preventive strength that offers superior chemical resistance and protects many surfaces from water, chemicals, salt, and other corrosive contaminants.

INDIA'S largest spray paint collection

If you are looking to buy spray paints online, We've just launched our online shop featuring hundreds of sprays for graffiti, automotive and industrial use. Order sprays online from the comfort of your doorstep as we ship PAN India.




Seeking excellent spray colours on marble, granite, limestone and tiles? Yield the best results for better and finer lines with Banna Sprays high grade aerosol paint sprays. Our sprays can be used as short term mark-up paint material for bulky product information display.


Activate enhanced protective properties of industrial surfaces and materials while acquiring external appeal. Banna’s range of sprays are created to meet tough industrial demands like insulation of surfaces from corrosive action. High protective coatings are routinely applied to metal structures along with our paints and work at high temperatures.


Paint with freedom and expression with our new and updated range of Graffiti paint sprays. Created for the most creative minds, scribble, scratch, paint and design with the right spray in hand. Get the best colours, shades and specifications with Banna and begin expressing today!


Accidents are a given when your car leaves your garage. Keep your car as new as ever by attacking those scratches with Banna Sprays. Banna Sprays makes it ridiculously easy to keep your car looking brand new with well crafted sprays and colours. Your car can now combat scratches.


Customers Says

We pride ourselves on building positive relationships with our users and hearing their testimonials about our process. Read below to hear what they have to say about Banna Sprays!

“Banna is definetly the best spraypaint in India! It can definetly compete with the bigger brands. Especially nice when it comes to bombing!”

Logik_art Graffiti Writer From Sweden

“It's really great that we have an Indian brand with a vision of making premium graffiti sprays for all of us here, they are young and open to listen to ideas or suggestions. What is great that you can get your custom shades made, which is a great thing for certain artists looking to recreate their style of smaller artworks to larger surfaces. The prices make it easy for more people to pick up a can and start painting. Looking forward to spreading more color into the world alongside Banna!”

Saatchi Commercial Artist From Mumbai

“If you are looking for a graffiti shop in India and want to meet new people, then is bannasprays in Bengaluru the best contact. The spraycans are not yet on the European standard, but the boys are on a very good way and put everything into further development. I think I had a very good time in Bengaluru on my trip through India and my wish to paint a picture was also fulfilled. So a great company ... Greetings to bannasprays. ”

DitoGraffiti artist from Berlin

“A livery is what makes a car stand out in the competition. Velocita Racing started participating in Formula student events since 2019. We first came across a set of consistent spray paints for our car VRF1, and instantly fell in love with the quality of the product. For the second iteration of our car, we partnered up with Banna and received the exact shades of paints we wanted for our car. The spray paints were of superior quality than the competition and all the elements of our new livery stands out and gave a prominent presence in this year's competition, Formula Bharat 2020.”

Team Velocita Racing India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remove the cap and the inner seal below it. Shake well to make sure the marbles mix up the paint and chemicals on the bottom of the can. Always do a test spray on a piece of paper or cardboard before applying on the desired object.
Shaking the can well helps mix all ingredients for perfect use. High quality paint and chemicals mixture guarantee a even coverage.
Banna Sprays are available to be purchased online on our shop.
Yes you can use Banna Products indoors. We recommend wearing a protective mask and gloves to protect your skin and your respiratory tract. It is advised to use it in well ventilated areas.
In case of eye contact or ingestion, seek medical advise immediately. Exposure to skin will not result in any damage. Wash with warm water and soap or acetone.
Banna Cans are CFC and Ozone Friendly.

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