Best Graffiti Artists in India

Graffiti are writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched or painted on a wall or other surfaces, often within public view. The word graffiti, or its singular form “graffito”, come from the Italian word graffiato which means “scratched”.

While Graffiti art has evolved into something big in other countries, India is just catching up and has a huge potential for this particular form of street art. Back in the days these urban artworks were seen as an act of vandalism but times have changed now, Urban Street art has officially stepped into the daylight to become a new phenomenon. Some of the best known artists in the world are street artists.

We compiled a list of some of the best graffiti artists that we could find in India.


Inkzen street art duo hailing from guwahati, active since 2016. The whole project was started to reach out to a wider audience and making art more accessible for public. the crew consists of two guys, one is an architect, while the other is an animator. living normal lives with normal day-jobs, trying their best to bring art into the day to day life of public and making public spaces more beautiful and accessible.

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With numerous artworks under his name, NME is a great artist and a teacher from Mumbai, Colouring his way into India’s Streets from the past 5 years. This 23 year old artworks are surreal eye candies. He considers himself as a social warrior bringing colors, expression and creativity into the streets which would be boring otherwise.

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Currently based in Chennai, Dibs has done graffiti artworks around India and has been documenting it in his Instagram account . A die hard fan of Graffiti, Skating and Hip Hop Culture.

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Zake is one of the first generation Graffiti artists in India, His name resonates with everyone in the scene. From doing it as a hobby to becoming a full fledged artist, Zake has won multiple awards for his work in India and abroad.

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EPOC – Chennai

Epoc is an artist from Chennai and is  part of the Tik Tac Toe (t3k) Clan , recognized by everyone in the industry has created his master pieces all across India. Epoc creates his unique style around anime, comic characters, Native Fonts to sometimes Desi style.

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Zine Graffiti – NEW DELHI

Hailing from Aizawl – Mizoram, A master at urban spray paint art, Zine’s artworks are a pure pleasure to watch and  sprawls across the streets of New Delhi , Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram to name a few . Zine has been one of the early ones to pick up Graffiti art & is quite well known among the Graffiti community in India.

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Mooz is a graffiti artist from mumbai city. Into graffiti from past 6 years. He has represented india in brazil for an international graffiti festival.His styles revolves around comics.apart from funky letters, he adds characters and other elements to his pieces. And now he is experimenting on devanagiri font in order to add desi flavour in his style.

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Drec is an amazing Graffiti writer & Hip Hop enthusiast from Guwahati, Assam. One of the first generation writers from India, His  style is mostly old school and funky.

Graffiti in Northeast is really old. There are many old generation writers out here who are massively packed with skills but most of us are underground as we like to keep it that way.
– Drec

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Vinyas aka Freakstyle is an artist hailing from Southern India – Chennai. He got inspired by other artists such as vijz_india, Epoc & dibs. An ardent hip hop fan and an amazing urban artist. When it comes to composing new creative artworks , Vinyas is a freak! He does amazing work with spray cans and on canvas as well.

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Note :  We could have easily left out some other great artists in this article, Feel free to send in details to | This article will be updated with  it soon.


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