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How to fix a scratch on a car with spray paints

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Fixing Scratches on car with just spray paints.

Nothing is more annoying than your vehicle getting scratches, Professional repair shops charge a fortune to fix scratches But however for a lot of us that is not what we are looking at. What we need is a quick solution that would do the job without shelling a lot of money. That is where Spray Paints come handy.

Banna Spray Paints does exactly that, Fix scratches like a pro on your own , Just Buy a can and spray it on!

  • No Expertise Needed.
  • Cost effective.
  • Quick and Easy.

This time a banna user ramnoob123  has made a video where a large number of scratches on Hyundai Accent is fixed like magic.

The color used in this video is Banna Ember Grey

Treat your car to a fresh coat with a high-quality automotive spray paints by Banna Sprays. We have formulated a variety of solutions for people who want to give their car a new look or need to put the final touches on bodywork. Whether you’re a first-time auto painter or an experienced hand, you can find something that’s easy to apply and looks show-worthy.

You can get the same results as a professional body shop. You can learn to use automotive paint easily.  With Banna Sprays, you’ll be able to bring your vision for your project to life. You’ll catch eyes and drop jaws whether you head to the next show or just head out for a cruise


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