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Spray Painting an Entire Car

Spray Painting an Entire Car, You read that right.

Jhampa 66

As crazy as it sounds, Popular Youtuber Jhampa66 known for his crazy DIY jobs related to automotive in Youtube did something even more crazier this time. That’s right, Painting an entire car with just spray paints.

Jhampa is basically running a series of videos where he purchases an old car for dirt cheap money and then fixing  it using Jugaad.

With help from his friends, He turns his old and rusty car into brand new using Banna Sprays .

The color options he chose was

  • Orange for the Body of the car.
  • Dark Black for the Roof.
  • Matte Black for the Rims
  • Dark Black for the Bumpers.


Watch as he turns the old rusty car in to brand new!

This video has reached over 10Lakh Viewers so far.

It was a pleasure collaborating with Jhampa66!

Please note that this is not an automotive paint and is not a replacement for Commercial auto paint. It can only be used for touch ups and minor defect corrections. You are advised to go through our shade card to get the best & nearest matching.

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