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Spray Painting an entire scooter with Banna Sprays

Banna Automotive Spray Paints

youtuber yavRecently, Banna Sprays has launched an exclusive Automotive Range of Spray Paints

We did a collaboration with YAV Photography, A young youtuber based out of Maharashtra.

Yashas Vaidya is a photographer & youtube enthusiast , He posts amazing pictures and videos on social media. He owns a Hero Pleasure scooter which was beat up from scratches and ageing.

Yashas wanted to repaint his entire scooter on his own using Banna Automotive Spray Paints. His choice of color was Pepsi Blue for the entire scooter and matte black for some parts.

To Begin with Yashas has dismantled the entire scooter and gave it a sanding & a base primer coat  before spraying our paints.

Yashas told us he has sprayed over 3 coats of Pepsi Blue over which Banna Lacquer Clear Shine Coat has been applied to get the best finish.

Watch the video done by Yashas and do subscribe his channel and support the lad!


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