The Superstars of Dharavi – Banna Collaboration

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with The Dharavi Project, A Non profit organisation based out of Dharavi Mumbai. This organisation works towards the improvement of the residents of Dharavi. The project aims to get kids involved in activities such as music, dance, hip hop culture , art etc to give them a sense of belonging. Over the past few years they have uncovered some true gems in the form of Dancers, Rap Musicians, Beat Boxers, Graffiti Artists to name a few.

As part of their act in the Fasttrack Music Run, These amazing kids did a live spray paint graffiti art on stage along with Rappers, Beat Boxers and cute little ones dancing on stage creating a full on entertaining show.

With their teacher NME Graffiti, One of India’s top Graffiti artists they created a cool Music Run themed piece of artwork in a matter of minutes on stage using our sprays.

The Artwork

At Banna Sprays, We are absolutely humbled and thankful for this collaboration. We pledge to support this organisation of talented kids.

More About The Dharavi Project :

More About NME Graffiti :

The Graffiti Project by Dharavi

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